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GearDryer Accessory Rolling Wheel Kit

GearDryer Accessory Rolling Wheel Kit

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Compatible with the Wall Mount 12, the Rolling Wheel Kit / Freestanding Base Kit Accessory includes all the hardware you’ll need to set up your Wall Mount 12 GearDryer with hand truck style rolling wheels or with a freestanding base.

Features & Specs:
Compatible only with the GearDryer Wall Mount 12
Includes hardware for the Rolling Wheel Kit
Includes hardware for the Freestanding Base Kit

Adding even more versatility to the GearDryer Wall Mount 12, the Rolling Wheel Kit/ Freestanding Base Kit Accessory expands the utility of the dryer by adding mobility.
Particularly useful in ski hotels, athletic locker rooms, and industrial work spaces, the Rolling Wheel Kit makes it easy to load the dryer up with boots, cleats, gloves, or sneakers and then roll it to an out of the way space where it can be plugged in and run through a dry cycle. The wheel kit also makes the boot dryer easy to roll in and out of storage.

The Freestanding Base Kit is a good option for those who’d prefer to not install any wall mounting hardware, yet have a designated location for the boot dryer making rolling wheels unnecessary. The included leg levelers ensure the dryer is stable on most any floor surface.



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